Collagen BLU

Collagen BLU


Collagen BLU provides the highest-quality marine collagen that is functional, bio-available, and without compromise. Our collagen helps not only beautify from within for smoother skin, stronger nails, thicker hair but improve athletic function with improved joint and muscle health. If you simply want the the best collagen for the best you, CollagenBLU is the collagen for you.

  • About product

    • PREMIUM MARINE COLLAGEN - Collagen BLU is the highest quality collagen protein powder that addresses health and beauty concerns from within. This collagen supplement contains antioxidant and immunity boosting superfood derived Vitamin C which assists in collagen production and bioavailability.
    • HEALTHIER HAIR, SKIN AND NAILS - A daily intake of collagen peptides has been shown to boost hair growth and texture, increase skin suppleness and improve brittle, splitting, flaking and weak nails.
    • KEY TO AN ACTIVE LIFESTYLE - Collagen peptide proteins help build and preserve lean muscle which helps regulate and can increase metabolism. Marine collagen also contains amino acids that have been shown to improve joint and ligament health for improved workout recovery.
    • EASY TO USE - Simply mix Collagen BLU to your coffee or favorite beverage and stay full with 6 grams of protein! Each master pouch contains a full 30-day supply of marine collagen peptide powder. Individual stick packs are unflavored, pre-measured, and ready to use. One stick pack provides the preferred amount of marine collagen and Vitamin C your body needs for utilization.
    • PRODUCED IN THE U.S.A! - Collagen BLU is proudly made in the USA in a certified GMP and Kosher facility. We use the strictest guidelines for quality control, allergen testing and potency. Our marine collagen peptides are derived from wild-caught and deep-sea fish that are NOT SOURCED OR PROCESSED IN CHINA. Our marine collagen is optimally blended with immunity and antioxidant boosting superfood derived vitamin C for the highest quality collagen possible.
  • Ingredients

    Marine Collagen Peptides and Acerola Cherry

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