Banyan Botanicals Liver Formula - 90 Tablets

Banyan Botanicals Liver Formula - 90 Tablets


Liver Formula is an excellent detoxifier and rejuvenative for the liver. It is a powerful combination of bitter herbs that acts as a natural purgative to cleanse the liver of accumulated natural toxins. This energetically cooling formula pacifies pitta and helps support the healthy production of bile. These herbs nourish and strengthen the liver tissues, promoting proper digestion of fat and a healthy metabolism. Liver Formula supports optimal liver function, which is an important component in overall health and well-being.

  • About product

    • When it comes to filtering toxins, the liver takes the brunt. Its key role as a nutritional gatekeeper makes it one of the most important organs in the human body. This organic, all natural herbal supplement supports the liver & gallbladder by nourishing and strengthening the surrounding tissues to keep your liver performing at its best.*
    • Featuring bitter and astringent Ayurvedic herbs like bhumyamalaki, guduchi, kalmegh, and more, this formula acts as a natural purgative to cleanse the liver of accumulated toxins. Energetically cooling, it also helps to reduce heat in the body, and promotes the healthy production of bile.*
    • This cleansing formula supports the body's natural ability to digest fat and assimilate the best nutrients from ingested foods and substances. When your liver is healthy, so is your blood and skin, and you'll notice an improvement in your overall well-being.*
    • Banyan Botanicals is committed to producing the highest quality Ayurvedic products using USDA certified organic herbs that are sustainably sourced and fairly traded. All our products are 3rd party tested to ensure product quality and safety.
    • The Healthy Guarantee: If for any reason you are not satisfied with one of our products, we will gladly accept returns for a full product refund.
  • Ingredients

    Phyllanthus Amarus herb (Bhumyamalaki), Phyllanthus amarus+. Indian Tinospora stem (Guduchi), Tinospora cordifolia+. Kalmegh herb, Andrographis paniculata+. Eclipta leaf (Bhringaraj), Eclipta alba+. Boerhavia root (Punarnava), Boerhaavia diffusa+. Indian Madder root (Manjistha), Rubia cordifolia+. Cyperus root (Musta), Cyperus rotundus+. Amla fruit (Amalaki), Emblica officinalis+. Belleric Myrobalan fruit (Bibhitaki), Terminalia belerica+. Chebulic Myrobalan fruit (Haritaki), Terminalia chebula+. Long Pepper fruit (Pippali), Piper longum+. Other ingredients, from natural sources: organic gum acacia, organic rice flour. Free of gluten, soy and dairy. 100% vegetarian. (+Certified Organic)

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